Doing away with inhumane Neocon ideas

It's a new dawn!!!

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. & a special day to follow

As Randi Rhodes says, " Don't let the door hit 'ya where the Good Lord split 'ya.

Oppressed people deserve compassion

Hope for the Human Rights Crowd

from Pax Christi on Gaza crisis

Hope in '09

Anger and Vengeance and Intolerance in the Middle East MUST END!!!

Orwell said it.

it just wouldn't leave my head

Peace and Goodwill to the Whole World - NO Exceptions

Another embarrassing moment for the US courtesy of 'W'

How stupid can you get?

60 years old plus 1 day

Inauguration Day is drawing near!!! updated

May we never forget.

To Catholics and other Christians on the immorality of voting for the current GOP.

Be thankful, for what?

Torture is a dark sinister turn that must be halted

What FDR did

President-elect Obama please !?!?!!...

Human trafficking - revisited

Veterans Day - Thankfully the Bushies Last

Radical conservativism isn't dead.

Yes We Did!!! & the President-elect wants our opinion.

President-elect Barack Obama's victory speech


Obama/Biden - VOTE and Volunteer

It's Gotta be Obama!!!

Gov. Chris Gregoire is best For Washington & here in Spokane

Since when has lying, greed and hate become GOP family values.

al Qaeda's love affair with Bush/McPalin and other horror stories

A great 100,000 strong, turn-out from the people at home.

Rush Limbaugh & the elephant droppings wing of the GOP

GOP encouraged hate interferes with democracy

Gov. Chris Gregoire for the continued health of Spokane

We voted! Yea!!!

The third debate, ACORN lies & overt racism

The Never Ending McPalin, Pance-On-Fire, Fear and Hate Tour Continues

Thousands Tricked Into a State of Fear

Angry Republican Hooligans

Obama is presidential; McCain - not

Struggling to keep up with the 'Pants on Fire Express"

fact checking VP debate and McCain

Pants on Fire Express and the GOP - burning up the nation.

Obama on the debate, McCain/Bush & the GOP caused economic crisis

GOP truth was skant at 1st Presidential Debate.

McCain's flip flops are abundant, obvious, and perplexing!

The Irresponsible and Crooked of the GOP--updates

Senate Republicans are most responsible for Congressional sluggishness.

Barack Obama on the Economy

Human Trafficking/Slavery

More from the McCain/Palin Bush-like Pants on Fire Express

Another 9-11 & what have we done?

Guns and Jesus and bombs and torture and fascism

Free Amy Goodman Now!!!

Ya'll, Huricane Party in Minneapolis-St.Paul

Joe Biden the next VP, Al Gore and the next president Barack Obama!


DNC Convention Days 1-3

84,000, My Wife and I and the World

MLK dream was for all

Obama looked presidential because he is!

All of America is a Free Speech Zone

My position on abortion

Hot Over Cold War

Don't insult to the resourcefulness, ingenuity and can-do spunk of the American spirit.

Will Bush/Cheney/McCain and Putin bring back 'Duck and Cover' ? updated

Fallacy of Individual Responsibility II

hanging in there--kinda sorta

president has monarchal powers!?!

myth of the surge

Our Middle East problems and the Obama plans

Is Obama your top issue of importance?

It's about human rights and mass MURDER!!!

Obey the blue dogs

Self-Evident Truths

Torture has always been evil and it still is.

Senate MUST block FISA bill!!!

Ripped off by Big Oil and the GOP

Barack Obama is the clear choice for president.

GOP - voluntary victims to Right Wing extremists

Bush/Cheney impeached then tried for war crimes; NOW ALL READY!!!

Bush Neocons put Human Rights LAST!

It's fun watching history made for the good!!!

SCOTT MCCLELLAN Gives Us a Look at the Underbelly of the Bush Administration

GOP Wrong on Hunger at Home and Throughout the World

Taking the Vow of Nonviolence

Memorial Day

Much to remember and think about, again, this Memorial Day

Hillary brings shame to herself.

Flying penis highlights Putin corruption.

McCain, Hagee and Hitler

Get well, Ted

Wow! Wow! Wow!!!

Bush/McCain Insane on Iran

Tell Them No Iran War!!!

Mother Nature sure seems angry these days.

Bush Says the Damnedest Things

Ain't it the truth!!!

Newest Member!!!

Obama YES - Derision NO

Truth and free speech go together like soup and sandwich

FBI knew about CIA torture - and did nothing

GOP - Fear and Incompetance

Obama destroyed her big lead!

Barack Obama, Right Choice for America!!!

To right wing Christian hawks.

Iraq from the BBC

What the Neocons said at the beginning of the Iraq debacle.

prosecute the head torturer in chief

Scarry Choices With McCain

a tad bit over the top ,but, Randi is alright with me!!!

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, may Perpetual Light shine upon him.

China does not deserve an Olympic celebration

Baseball fans would approve of impeachment!!!

Obama - Good for America!!!

GOP - Wrong on Poverty & Economy

short-sighted US foriegn policy

GOP is intentionally ignorant on climate change

GOP - Bad for the Military

Hillary Clinton 'misspeaks' about Bosnia

Rev. Jeremiah Wright '9-11' & 'GD America' sermons in context

4,000 DEAD in Iraq Quagmire

The Gop and religious extremists

Good Friday is today.

Barack Obama: The Cost of War

Hillary and "The Fellowship"

5 years ago we were lied into Iraq

Obama on Hope and America

Webb for VP

Obama Denounces Controversial Remarks

McCain must put up with far right religious zealots.

Hillary Clinton - Misbehaving Democrat


Potomac sweep!!!

Successful Washington Caucus

Washington State Democratic Caucus Today

Barack Obama is the best choice for America!!!

Are Rove tactics being used against Barak?

Always Remember Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Congressman Robert Wexler (D-FL), Patriot

Immigrants merit compassion

Barack Obama for America

more from the horror of Iraq

A year of hope and fear

Torture destroys all who come in contact with it.

With Benazir Bhutto lies democracy

Merry Christmas Everybody!!!

Duck & Cover my *#% !!!

Support Edwards and Obama's decision to reject FOX

contradicting administration propaganda on Iraq

Run away from the war crimes, run, run, run

You sir, are a bald-face liar

In the Name of the Lord Let's Hate the Immigrant

Rape is bad Mr. Bush

Bush & the Neocons are the real threat of starting WWIII

preemptive attack on thought !?!

Neocons & Bush policies are dangerous!!!

Torture disgraces us

violence is not cool...whoever is to blame

Iraq refugees - 4 million and counting

Much to worry about an ill-advised attack on Iran!!!


Bringing Troops Home

Extraordinary Rendition

deep dark depressed excessive misery

Dennis Kucinich - Patriot!!!

Pakistan - a nuclear power in trouble

The evil of torture touches the whole nation.

Not much scarrier
Tempting Ignorant Simplicity

'then let them die and decrease the surplus population'

The heavy hand of thought suppression.

Randi Rhodes is better!!!

I'm hoping I may be back I think...

killing 'Moslems' its okay; nooooo!!!

War Made Easy, from Democracy Now

Move On ad is truthful and appropriate!!!

Bad signs in Iran policy

retreat from civil rights and now a private army!?!

Bush speech on continuing surge with observations

To Senate Republicans on Iraq

call & email the Senate Dems on Iraq

Torture brings sadness and shame to Spokane

Bush Lying About History, again

gearing nation up for another Vietnam War-like debacle


Cheney on Iraq Quagmire

Rep. Dennis Kucinich # 1 choice

No Nukes ever again as an Instrument of War

Pakistan is a Big Problem

Big Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia

executing the rapture

Bagdad - still a bloody mess

nation of laws; not men

Have you embraced fascism?

police state

speaking of shameful propaganda!?!

The Propagandists

‘shock and awe’ bomb Iran?!?

Bring 'em home!!!

Impeach before its too late!!!

Totalitarians all hate liberals

Angry Mother Nature

Happy Birthday

Bin Laden, Al Qaeda and the Taliban-forgotten?

Same stuff different day

Vulture Funds; why they hate us.

worried about Iran?

Thanks Cindy Sheehan!!!

Memorial Day 2007

path to dictatorship

Amnesty International Report 2007

Democratic leadership failed us all on Iraq!!!

Greg Palast: "Armed Madhouse"

Iraq is in a multi-faceted civil war!!!

To: Christians on Illegal Aliens

Feingold-Reid amendment (No. 1098)

Remember Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Bye-bye Jerry; Good luck; May God Bless

Who would Jesus bomb?

They don't want us in Iraq

Hugo Chávez, President of Venezuela

Kent State remembered

My letter to Congress

GOP Hypocrites

Mission Accomplished?

Do It

Impeachment Summer!!!

Bushies made Al Qaeda stronger!!!

Moyers - Buying the War

Remember Al Qaeda?

can’t let Rove out without a collar and leash

Impeachment is necessary!!!


Dissent is as American as Mom & Apple Pie.

Firing Imus should be just the beginning

Sam Seder is Air America

Political correctness

Iraq war quotes

Jail the Illegal Aliens

To the Red 25 - 30 percent

Veto Means Second Chance

Was David Hicks tortured into confessing?

S.965 - a few months better

Hate Has Always Been Evil

End this bloody occupation

H.R.1591- phooey on Blue Dogs

Al Gore demonstrates why he should be president.

Rep. Gene Taylor - Patriot

Valerie Plame Wilson--Patriot

Confession of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

End This War

What will we do?

Many Reasons to Impeach Bush/Cheney

Senator Patty Murray: Patriot

The continuing horror of the Disappeared

Nothing to be Happy About with Scooter's Conviction

Nuke Iran? Noooooooo!

Treating troops poorly is not supporting them.

The Disappeared and the Tortured

Why are we funding radical Sunni groups in Iraq?

Neocons and their cohorts are fascists

Posse comitatus derailed

Bleeding Heart

War with Iran would be a disaster.

Republicans making it worse.

Dear Representative McMorris Rodgers,

Tell Congress:

Office of Special Plans Report

Global Warming


If Bush is a prophet; he's a false one.


Plans? We Got Plans

The Bill of Rights is under assault


At one time the leader of the world in human rights

I’m supposed to hate!?!

Are we going to do to Iran what we did to Iraq?

Rummy's Back (did he ever leave?)

Stop executions in Iraq

Escalation of death

Pro-life Liberal

Gonzales & Habeas Corpus

Iran offered concessions in 2003

Trip to Guantanamo

No Iran War

Christian nation?